Certification Resources

For answers to commonly asked questions regarding the certification exam, please visit the Dermatology Nurse Practitioner Certification Board (DNPCB) Website.

To determine whether you are eligible to sit for the exam, please refer to the DNPCB website for the eligibility criteria.

For a thorough breakdown of exam content: DNPCB Patient Problem Areas

Application & Exam Dates
To access the certification exam application and identify an exam date, please refer to the C-Net website.

Comprehensive List of Study Resources

The SDNP would like to showcase our talented Dermatology Certified Nurse Practitioners (DCNPs) on our website. Identify a time to devote 15-20 minutes to write your professional bio using our tips below! Once you are ready, submit your bio and professional headshot through this form

Tips on How to Write a Professional Bio

  • Think about your audience! The SDNP wants to get to know you and your passions. These bios are for our members as well as other healthcare professionals and patients searching for a DCNP in their area.
  • Pick a point of view! Please send us bios written in the third person.
  • Show off those credentials! According to the American Nursing Credentialing Center, order your credentials as follows: highest degree, licensure, state credential, national certification, awards and honors.
    • Example: Jane Smith, MSN, APRN, NP-C, DCNP
  • If you include your education, include the full name of the institution!
  • Describe your current, fabulous job!
  • Boast about your biggest achievements! Have you published an article? Founded a state level professional organization? Implemented a successful quality improvement project?
  • Tell us about your aspirations! What do you hope to do in the future?
  • Optional: Who are you outside of work? The SDNP wants to get to know you. If you feel comfortable, include a fun tidbit about your personal life!

Catherine Hoover, MSN, APRN, NP-C, DCNP practices as a dermatology nurse practitioner in the VA Northeast Ohio Healthcare System. In July 2020, she graduated from the CWRU/University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center Dermatology Nurse Practitioners Post-Masters Training Program. Catherine is passionate about dermatology nurse practitioner certification and currently serves as the Director of Professional Development for the Society of Dermatology Nurse Practitioners. She is a contributing author to BMJ Quality and Safety and Nurse Leader. Living with her husband and two schoodles in Cleveland, OH, Catherine enjoys gardening and hiking.

American Nursing Credentialing Center. How to display your credentials. https://www.nursingworld.org/~48fdf9/globalassets/certification/renewals/how-to-display-your-credentials. 2013. Accessed July 5, 2021.