Society of Dermatology Nurse Practitioners

Meet our Board of Directors | Why Join the SDNP?

The mission of the Society of Dermatology Nurse Practitioners (SDNP) is to promote excellence in advanced practice dermatology nursing. 

The SDNP is the only exclusive Dermatology Nurse Practitioner organization. There are currently ~ 5,000 dermatology nurse practitioners who are part of the integral fabric of the dermatology landscape. These dedicated clinicians deliver high-quality dermatological care that encompasses medical, surgical, and aesthetic dermatology.

The SDNP promotes the highest quality of care in advanced practice dermatology through education, specialty certification, evidence-based clinical practice, and interprofessional research.

We believe in:
  • the provision of  high-quality services to all of our members regardless of age, race, color, religion, national origin, gender orientation, mental abilities or ability to pay for services.
  • maintaining honest, transparent, accountable and responsive interactions with stakeholders.
  • promoting the highest standards of excellence in Dermatology NP practice, and
  • promoting professional collaboration with all dermatology providers, academic and healthcare institutions.
What is a Derm NP?

A dermatology nurse practitioner is an advanced practice registered nurse licensed as a nurse practitioner who specializes in the assessment, diagnosis, management and advocacy of individuals and communities with conditions and illnesses of the skin, hair and nails (Hanchett, 2018). This holistic approach includes independent, direct, medical, surgical, and cosmetic care. Dermatology Nurse Practitioners enhance the profession by participating in developing curriculum and educational programs, writing scholarly publications, and engaging in healthcare policy. (Dermatology Nurses Association, 2020).
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•  Hanchett, V. (2018). The dermatology nurse practitioner coalition: Defining who we are and what we do. Journal of the Dermatology Nurses' Association, 10(4):198-199.

SDNP’s statement regarding collaboration
The SDNP promotes the concept of each member of the dermatology team practicing to the full extent of their licensure and training. We believe that the best patient outcomes come when each member of the dermatology team provides evidence-based, compassionate holistic care to meet the needs of the patient. We support those NPs who practice in states that recognize nurse practitioners as licensed independent providers.”